Foreign Currency Innovations Ltd. (“FCI”) was incorporated in June 2010 to provide services in the foreign currency exchange sector.

The Company currently provides just three products.

Through our CAPITAL MANAGEMENT arm we are able to offer an investment opportunity in the foreign exchange which satisfies the diversification criteria that the modern day investor seeks. This product is called The Trading Signal Foreign Exchange Model (”TS FX”).

The second product is offered through the FCI Liquidity Division, FCI MARKETS. This division offers two trading platform solutions including the Currenex system with full back office support designed specifically for the sophisticated traders.

Finally we can offer a Currency Delivery service FCI-CURRENCY. This allows individuals and companies to buy and sell currencies at highly competitive rates of exchange.

We place a strong emphasis on service. With only three products to support we are able to really focus on providing a level of service that not only meets but surpasses the expectations of the most demanding client.